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Cancer treatment is not easy. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and even medications often have a significant and long-lasting impact on the patient's body. Survivors are often left with side effects (fatigue, pain, lymphedema/swelling or problems with weight) that can last months or even years.

It can take much time, knowledge and effort to get over these effects. Sometimes the journey to 'get well' may seem daunting and unfamiliar. The survivor may not know how to get started or where to begin. Just as each woman's treatment is unique, so is her recovery.

That's why The Mary Maguire Foundation provides women survivors with individualized access to certified personal trainers, weight management specialists and nutritionists. If eligible, the survivor will meet with a professional for a consultation and assessment to determine the best lifestyle plan to meet her specific health, fitness or nutritional goals. The survivor may also be eligible for a specific number of sessions with a trainer, specialist or nutritionist.

To receive support, please complete a Financial Request Form (PDF) and a Physician's Permission Form (PDF) and submit to our office for review and consideration.

Lifestyle: Wellness & Empowerment Workshops

The fight against cancer can last months or even years. It is exhausting, arduous and emotionally-draining. When treatment ends and the teams of doctors, nurses, technicians and others who have encouraged and supported the patient are suddenly gone, the woman undergoing treatment may now find herself feeling emotionally and physically tired and alone in the next phase of her journey: her survival.

The cancer survivor is expected to return to life 'as usual.' However, her body, her spirit and her life are not the same as before she had cancer. This can be a very scary and confusing time for the woman; elated that the treatment is over but uncertain about the next steps in her journey. The question "now what?" is ever-present.

Retreats offered by The Mary Maguire Foundation are designed to give women who have completed treatment the tools to renew, rejoice and re-invigorate their lives, their bodies and their spirits. Retreats will offer participants the opportunity to engage in meditation, breathing and yoga exercises designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Participants will learn coping skills through various physical, emotional and spiritual practices.

The Foundation’s retreats also offer participants the chance to challenge themselves physically and emotionally with ropes courses, wall climbing and rappelling. Access to and information about complementary therapies is also provided.

One of the most exciting and unique programs offered during the retreats is the Equine Assisted Therapy session. During these sessions, patients will practice equestrian "on ground skills" with specially selected horses, revealing patterns of learned behavior that may be causing stress and/or impacting her well being and relationships. This program offers an opportunity for women to discover how to more fully enjoy the present and be conscious of each moment of living—as opposed to merely surviving through life.

The goals of the Foundation retreats are to show participants how mind, body and spirit can work together to make their 'new' lives more meaningful. They can help survivors renew or strengthen their self-confidence and leave them feeling relaxed and refreshed. As a result the survivor is better equipped to face the questions of “now what?” feeling empowered, excited and most importantly as a result, hopeful about her new life and the future that lies ahead.

Due to the tough economic times, there are no retreats currently scheduled. Stay tuned for future updates.

Financial Assistance

Unfortunately, the battle against the life-threatening disease of cancer is expensive. Even patients fortunate enough to have the best insurance coverage find that fighting cancer comes at a hefty price.

Often, long after it has ended, the cost of treatment can drain family finances and force patients to spend money on medical related items instead of everyday living expenses.

Treating cancer can even leave survivors without the money they may need to regain their physical and emotional health – causing additional levels of stress and strain that the survivors and families can ill-afford.

The Mary Maguire Foundation offers financial assistance to women in need who are dealing with all types of cancer. This support helps survivors pay for items and services designed to help them get well again but that are not typically covered either partially or entirely by insurance. These services may include personal training sessions, weight management classes, nutrition counseling, medical or therapeutic massage, medical acupuncture, exercise classes and more.

To receive support, our members need to complete a Financial Request Form (PDF) and submit it to our organization for review.

Educational Assistance

Knowledge is power and we want our members to be informed and to feel that they are actively involved in their treatment and recovery plan.  The Mary Maguire Foundation's online information and educational portal, provides access to local and national cancer research, support groups and resources that can educate and empower the cancer patient and her family.

Identifying and using the available local and national resources may assist the patient in learning more about her disease and may provide comfort to everyone experiencing this difficult journey. Learn more about options for resources and support through our online portal.

Emotional Assistance

When you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, your life changes dramatically. You need information and support in order to adjust to the many changes to come. You may need someone to talk to; someone who understands, someone who cares and knows what to do.

The Mary Maguire Foundation provides emotional support to its members and families through a referral arrangement with Cancer Family Care (CFC) of Cincinnati. With thirty years of experience helping people cope with illness and loss, Cancer Family Care provides counseling, support and understanding to cancer patients and their families.

CFC's licensed social workers are specially trained to help individuals deal with the often devastating emotional impact of disease and loss. They can assist members in dealing with the fears, frustrations and communication difficulties that may accompany a cancer diagnosis.

To learn more about Cancer Family Care, please call 513-731-3346 or visit their website:

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